The Sitter Inc.'s - Primary Objectives for Child Learning and Development.

Here are a few of our goals for your child in four basic areas:


  • Provide a nurturing, yet challenging atmosphere.

  • Children can learn through playing to build confidence.

  • Your child will build new relationships through social interaction.

  • Your child will learn to think creatively.


  • Our activity times are designed to promote good health

  • We observe the motor skills and balance of your child


  • We work with your child to develop their language skills

  • We help in the improvement of their communication skills through group activities

  • We observe their ability to follow instruction and to express themselves; training them to improve in both areas.


We work closely with each child in several literacy categories to help them grow in the areas of phonological awareness, knowledge of the alphabet, identification of names and letters, sound knowledge when using letters and their comprehension and appreciation of books and other texts.