Educational Curriculum

In our learning center your child will learn with one of the best educational tools in America - "Creative Curriculum." This educational curriculum allows us to help your child to grow and develop to the best of their abilities. The “Creative Curriculum” educational program is designed to evolve and develop along with your child. It is also designed specially to help your child reach his or her greatest educational potential. The newest phase of this modern children’s educational curriculum which we are currently utilizing is entitled” Teaching Strategies Gold.” Here is what our child care team is saying about it:

"Teaching Strategies GOLD has been created to assist teachers in the growth of your child. It is quick to learn, making it easy to apply in the classroom. Its accuracy is astounding, simply because it is derived from several years of child and school research. Teach Strategies Gold works and your child will be the beneficiary of a proven and successful education curriculum, especially at a critical time in their early development."